Photo of Mark Litwin

Mark Litwin Finance Manager

As Finance Manager, Mark oversees all areas of finance and administration including: payroll, accounts payable and receivables, costing, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking and reconciliations, and sales. He provides strategic analyses for the executive team to determine projects, events and company profitability. Having previously worked in hospitality, finance and legal, as well as for multinational corporations (such as Fitch Ratings) Mark brings a huge amount of varied experience to the team. In addition to his role with ASVA, he is employed by RSPB for overseeing finances of 25 multimillion pounds projects, providing support to a wide range of stakeholders and public institutions.

When asked about what he enjoys about working with ASVA, Mark stated that he gets a kick out of problem solving, providing timely and relevant analyses, and working as part of a great team, growing ASVA into a world leading industry organisation!