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ASVA Members Meet Up: Beyond Level 0 - How are Scottish Attractions Approaching the Lifting of Restrictions?

Wednesday 14/07/2021


Start Time
10:30 AM

End Time
11:30 AM

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement of the further relaxation of restrictions on 19 July and the move to ‘Beyond Level 0’ on 9 August, ASVA has received a number of queries from members about how attractions are planning to approach the relaxation of restrictions, particularly with regard to visitor operations and communications.

In light of this, we are hosting a special Members Meetup event on Wednesday 14 July, when we will be discussing the lifting of restrictions and will be asking you, our members, how you are planning to adapt your experiences and how you are communicating these changes to prospective visitors.

We know, for example, that some attractions are nervous about lifting physical distancing restrictions completely, as there are concerns about how this will impact on consumer confidence. We have also had questions about essential pre-booking and whether this will be continued at attractions beyond level 0, or whether we will see a return to pre-Covid norms of accepting walk ups without any pre-booking. In addition, questions have been raised about how members are intending to communicate their ‘beyond level 0’ experiences to visitors and how to reassure any visitors (and staff) who have safety concerns.

The meeting will be facilitated by ASVA CEO, Gordon Morrison who will provide the latest information on the lifting of restrictions, and we will hear from some leading operators in the sector who will share their thoughts on how they are intending to respond to ‘beyond level 0’.

The main focus of the meeting is to enable members to share their ideas and ask questions of each other about the ‘beyond level 0’ landscape and whether there will be a common approach taken by attractions to the lifting of restrictions.

We look forward to hearing your views, in what should be a very interesting meeting.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 14 July, from 10:30am – 11:30am.