ASVA Events

Unleashing the potential of Google Analytics 4

Thursday 22/02/2024


Start Time
10:30 AM

End Time
11:30 AM

This ASVA  Industry Insights webinar will be taking place on Thursday 22nd February at 10.30am. Joining ASVA for this event will be Jack Ogston and Amy Gibson from digital agency Creatomatic for an in-depth look at Google Analytics 4. They will share insights into how to get to grips with some really useful features that can help assess, inform and guide your digital marketing activity. During the session, they’ll be looking at:

  • Configuring events
  • Conversion and Purchase tracking
  • Tracking campaigns with custom URLs
  • Creating custom reports and collections
  • Important metrics to consider

The session will be led by Jack, Creatomatic’s Digital Marketing Team Lead. As well as an Honours degree in Business Management with Marketing and a background in social and marketing, Jack has worked with Creatomatic clients since 2018 to help develop their digital performance. His work involves everything from SEO, Analytics and data interpretation to social and marketing strategy. As Creatomatic’s resident GA4 specialist, he’s also Google Skillshop Analytics certified.

Following Jack’s presentation, Amy will then share suggestions, ideas and insights into how this information can be used to boost sales, guide strategy and inspire your online content, all enabling members to utilise data gathered to boost business. Amy is Creatomatic’s Business Development manager and has over 18 years experience in sales, marketing and business management.

Following the presentations there will be the opportunity for a Q&A session. To make sure the session is as useful for members as possible, the Creatomatic team are keen to hear in advance from anyone that may have a GA4 related question. This will enable them to answer as many questions as possible and to also know what it would really help members to hear about. Anyone with a specific GA4 question should send it in to before 16/02/2024 and the team will do their best to include this in their webinar.

About Creatomatic: Creatomatic are specialist digital partners for a growing number of clients in the tourism and hospitality industry and understand the importance of traffic, bookings and footfall. Making the most of your digital marketing activities has never been more important and the Creatomatic team are here to help members learn more about GA4, collect valuable data and maximise those marketing budgets.