January & February Top Up support package for tourism businesses announced

This afternoon, the First Minister announced details of the £100m support package for businesses impacted by the latest COVID-mitigating measures.

ASVA has been working exceptionally hard to ensure that the Scottish Government is fully aware that it is more than one sector that is hurting just now, with many visitor attractions reporting huge drop offs in visitation, as well as a raft of event cancellations. So many in the sector are on their knees as a result and we are in real danger of losing some of our cultural assets. The fact we have managed to get this recognised is significant, but way more financial support will be required.

ASVA is now calling on the Scottish Government and, crucially, the UK Government to step up further and reintroduce the support measures we saw during lockdown, as tourism businesses are experiencing conditions akin to lockdown now.

Details of the support being offered by the Scottish Government is somewhat limited thus far, but you can find more information at this link.