Organisation: Highland Folk Museum

Salary: £28,901 – £32,578

Location: Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore

Manage the development, care, access and interpretation of Museum’s Recognised “Highland Folk” collections and related resources.


1. Ensure collections management is carried out to Accreditation standards and contribute to the retention of the Museum’s Recognised status.

2. Maintain secure and up to date documentation and database records, using Adlib to Spectrum standards.

3. Assist in the development, review and implementation of collections management policies and improvements.

4. Manage acquisitions and loans in and out.

5. Work with colleagues, community groups and external partners as appropriate, to enable and improve collections’ access, through learning programmes, interactive interpretation, activities, and events.

6. Annually install/interpret working collections in historic buildings.

7. Assist the Operations team with curatorial related issues and contribute to the training and support of the seasonal interpretive team.

8. Lead and collaborate on external funding applications to improve management and access to collections.

9. Expand digital access to the collections using the Microsoft Thinglink platform.

10. Manage Museum volunteers and project staff according to High Life Highland’s policies.

11. Be aware of and implement appropriate policies, including Health & Safety and Data Protection applicable to the Highland Folk Museum and High Life Highland.

Application Deadline: Monday 08/08/2022