Director of Finance & Corporate Services

Organisation: Discovery Point

Salary: £48k per annum

Location: Dundee

The Director of Finance and Corporate Services is accountable for the strategic financial management and leadership of Dundee Industrial Heritage. The role also carries responsibility for the stewardship of all the company’s physical assets including a range of internal corporate services.

Duties and responsibilities

Financial Management & Accounting

• Develop a robust and transparent financial environment, in line with requirements by Board, stakeholders and auditors;

• manage business systems and office support environment, including necessary licenses, leases and compliance requirements;

• Uphold and implement financial management and planning on a day-to-day basis;

• work closely with the EMT and wider management team to agree budgetary parameters, including cost allocations and revenue generation targets as appropriate;

• Produce regular monthly accounts and financial reporting that permit timely and effective financial management;

• Evaluate and advise on competing financial priorities when required

• work with funding partners to establish and abide by parameters of various financial sources;

• undertake projects as required by the Chief Executive.

Full job description is available on our website.

Application Deadline: Monday 05/09/2022