Education Officer

Organisation: The Scottish Seabird Centre

Salary: £23,500 - £26,000

Location: North Berwick

This role is responsible for the development and delivery of informal education activities to help people learn more about Scotland’s marine and coastal environments and the amazing ecosystems and wildlife we have. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to engage with the Scottish marine environment and access to educational resources by increasing the diversity of audience (all ages, abilities, social background, geography) of beneficiaries that we can reach.

Our education activities have a significant outdoor component, and this is complemented by workshops sessions delivered at our Centre, or through outreach and physical and digital resources. The age range spans primary, secondary and tertiary with a growing focus on offering sessions for young people who may be disengaging from formal education.

The education officer is a key member of our learning team which includes project staff delivering conservation and outreach activities and representatives from our visitor experience team.

Application Deadline: Wednesday 14/09/2022