Freelance Assistant Caretaker

Organisation: Greyfriars Kirk

Salary: £13.65/hr (2024); time-and-a-half after midnight.

Location: Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place

The Assistant Caretaker (casual) is essential to ensuring efficient operation of the Kirk which is used as a church and host to many other events. He/she will enhance logistic support in preparation for events such as services, concerts and social occasions. Caretakers are usually employed as part of a team. He/she will work with the full time Caretaker or in his absence will report directly to the Operations Manager/Duty Manager. At evenings/weekends you will be paid for a minimum of 4 hours work. If no public transport available, taxis (Edinburgh area) will be reimbursed after midnight.

How to apply: Send an email explaining why you think you would be suitable for this role.


Application Deadline: Saturday 30/03/2024