Lead Consultant - Alternative Pathways

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £36,523 - £40,238 per annum, plus ECBU

Location: Edinburgh

We’re a forward-looking People Department that supports our organisation’s Strategy through support for our volunteers (2300) and employees (800) – whether as individuals or as managers. Our organization can seem complex since its workforce is deployed all across mainland- and island-Scotland, in all sorts of workplaces (from cottages to castles, mansions to mountains, gardens to great estates, tearooms, shops, offices – and everything in between), but our work aims to be fair and consistent no matter where and who our people are. We strive to make people processes simple and accessible so that our people can just “get on with the job”, but robust enough to give meaningful management information to help with strategic and tactical development and decision-making. Although the team is dispersed across the country, we enjoy connecting with each other for our work and for social activity: we take our work very seriously, but we like to have fun too.


This job works with colleagues across the Trust to enable alternative routes to employment into the Trust. These pathways will cover early (young people) careers and encore (new direction later in life) careers and will focus on the skills we need to support traditional conservation and innovation. You’ll lead the Trust’s delivery of early and encore career skills development programmes eg. Apprenticeships. You’ll also support the Trust in the design and delivery of alternative pathways to employment in heritage and nature eg. work experience, internships and volunteering for employability.

• Lead the end-to-end strategy, design and delivery of early and encore career programmes working with subject matter experts, operational leaders and the People: Organisational Development team where needed to ensure an exceptional experience for new joiners from the pre-onboarding engagement period right through to the point where they complete their programme
• Use quantitative people data and external trend analysis to ensure our alternative pathways pipeline aligns to organisational needs. Looking ahead in the medium- and long-term, review current and future capability requirements for the organisation in collaboration with General Managers and Department leaders, assess required changes and support the transition to new capabilities where required.
• Develop alternative pathways to entry through internships, work experience and volunteering which actively and consciously support our Workforce ED&I strategy
• Manage the early careers experience, including the welfare and journey of students, apprentices and volunteers through their operational line managers, escalating issues and supporting line management where appropriate
• Work closely with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders including, but not exclusively, People: Organisational Development, ExCo, industry skills working groups, further education organisations, training providers, sector skills councils and trade bodies
• Bring expertise that ensures the development of the Early & Encore Careers strategy and programmes incorporates end user centric design to enhance customer experience, bringing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and external best practice into the design
• Liaise with external providers and suppliers and review these external vendors performance and relationships. Lead on quarterly reviews with vendors, identifying and providing feedback on areas for improvement
• Lead regular reviews of all our alternative pathway provision with leaders across the organisation ensuring they are fit-for-purpose, implementing feedback received to continuously improve what we do
• Work closely with People: Operations & Policy to develop and implement effective recruitment campaigns for early and encore careers programmes, devising and managing the selection process and upskilling the wider organisation
• Contribute to the management and monitoring of the People: Organisational Development budget as it pertains to the programmes and qualifications we deliver in early and encore careers
How we would like you to achieve this
• We want you to work in a way that is wholly consistent with our stated organizational values and our Corporate Strategy, and our People Strategy, and to be overt in making links between the work you do and those values, so that stakeholders can easily recognize how our work is an essential contributor to the work of the Trust.
• We want you to be as participatory as possible at all levels within the organisation to hear, build-on, and guide suggestions “from the floor” that will move forward the level of service the OD team provides at an operational level, and inform our thinking and progress at a strategic level too.
• We would like you to use your existing professional network and knowledge to keep us abreast of current thinking in the field.
• We like to be kept informed so it is important to us that you keep good records relating to your activity and be able to use this swiftly to produce meaningful management information that can inform our decision-making. You need to be entirely comfortable and confident with creating and delivering engaging reports, formal papers, presentations, and activities for different internal audiences (from front-line staff to director/CEO/board level, as well as for external stakeholders).

Application Deadline: Friday 24/06/2022