Lead Consultant - Organisational Development

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £43,050 - £47,667 pro-rata, per annum

Location: Edinburgh

We’re a forward-looking People Department that supports our organisation’s Strategy through support for our volunteers (2300) and employees (800) – whether as individuals or as managers. Our organisation can seem complex since its workforce is deployed all across mainland- and island-Scotland, in all sorts of workplaces (from cottages to castles, mansions to mountains, gardens to great estates, tearooms, shops, offices – and everything in between), but our work aims to be fair and consistent no matter where and who our people are. We strive to make people processes simple and accessible so that our people can just “get on with the job”, but robust enough to give meaningful management information to help with strategic and tactical development and decision-making. Although the team is dispersed across the country, we enjoy connecting with each other for our work and for social activity: we take our work very seriously, but we like to have fun too.

This job works with colleagues across the Trust to enable improved performance of individuals and teams. You’ll lead complex projects across a spectrum of organisational development disciplines (engagement, leadership development, change and organisational development) as well as developing new processes and programmes of activity at a strategic level.

• Build strong relationships and provide advice and guidance on all OD related matters, partnering closely with managers in areas such as engagement, learning & development, performance management, organisational development, and change.
• Work with leaders across the Trust to understand their areas of work, diagnose organisational development issues, and work with them to create strategic plans to create a work environment where our colleagues can thrive.
• Design and deliver organisational & employee development and engagement solutions (e.g., Workforce survey, national and local recognition initiatives, performance management) across the organisation to enable improved performance, engagement and to ensure the necessary capabilities and skills.
• Support the embedding of our Corporate Strategy and successful achievement of the strategic objectives for the first phase of our Strategy by designing and implementing effective organisational development initiatives for the Trust, using quantitative people data and external trend analysis.
• Institutionalise good practice of project management for small and complex People projects, embed methodology by providing toolkits, templates and the necessary guidance and training.
• Looking ahead in the medium- and long-term, review current and future capability requirements for the organisation, assess required changes and support the transition to new capabilities where required.
• Support leaders in change management, using existing Trust approaches and adapting these approaches where necessary to enable effective change processes.
• Lead the design and develop of leadership development interventions and ensure implementation, budget holder for the Training and Development budget.
• Supervise the Consultant – Organisational Development job holder on a project-by-project basis.
• Facilitate team development and leadership development sessions at all levels, using existing tools and developing new ones if required.
• Measure the impact of organisation development activities, ensuring appropriate linkage with wider organisational and people strategies.
• Work across the People function to align OD interventions and recommendations to business-as-usual People processes and ensure tracking of all OD interventions and processes on the People System.
• Deliver ad hoc People projects to support improved business performance as and when required, which may include managing volunteers, contractors, or suppliers.

Application Deadline: Friday 19/08/2022