Retail Manager/Buyer

Organisation: Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Ltd

Salary: £30 - £35,000

Location: Cairngorm Mountain, Aviemore, PH22 1RB

Cairngorm Mountain, managed by Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Ltd is a popular snow sports destination in Scotland, located within the Cairngorms National Park, and has been offering snow sports for over 50 years. In winter, the resort is a commercial ski operation. In summer, the Resort serves as a tourist destination. The surrounding area attracts over 1.8 million annual visitors predominantly in summer with the Resort itself attracting circa 200,000 annual visitors.
Cairngorm Mountain Resort covers 1,418 hectares and can attract over 100,000 skiing and snowboarding visitors in the busy winter period. The Resort is an internationally renowned area of scientific interest. Cairngorm Mountain and surrounding areas contain unique natural habitats and wildlife protected by EU legislation.
In the summer, the Resort transforms as the snow melts and becomes a hub of activity, from guided walks to the mountain summit, Tubing slides and an Adventure Play Park, to generic visitors and a family market looking for activities to undertake.

Role Overview:
The Retail manager will ensure monetary sales and profit are maximised, that administrative procedures are adhered to, appropriate staff cover is provided, and individuals developed in their roles. Overall, the two shops reflect the values and character of the business.

Purpose of the Job:
The Retail Manager is accountable to the Chief Executive, prior to the appointment of a Commercial Manager. The role is also accountable for ensuring that all aspects of customer service is operating to the highest standards encouraging repeat business through return visits.

In discharging theses accountabilities, the Retail Manager is responsible for:
Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide leadership, training, support and advice to the retail staff team
• Provide effective reports and advice to the Chief Executive
• Ensure the department operates to the highest standards of customer service
• Manage the stock control, cost and sales and margins
• Manage the department performance appraisal system
• Understand and follow the VMP, and be able to explain the VMP to customers
• Identify personal development needs in line with personal and company’s objectives
• To undertake any other reasonable duties as may, from time to time, be required

• Ensure that layouts are appropriate and effective
• Ensure creative in-store merchandising
• Displays are regularly changed to create interest
• Produce reports as required by the CEO and/or management team
• Meet and exceed sales targets

• Liaise with suppliers and CMSL’s retail consultants re selecting and purchasing of goods
• Maintain agreed stock value levels
• Ensure that budgeted sales margins are achieved
• Ensure the stock control system is up-to-date and accurate
• Ensure that goods purchased are complementary to CMSL’s brand values

• Ensure that all deliveries are checked in accurately and that all overages/shortages are appropriately recorded and reported
• Ensure that all goods received are correctly coded, priced and entered into CMSL’s EPOS system

• Undertake accurate and timely stocktaking as per CMSL’s requirements

Financial Control:
• Ensure daily cash-up is completed and reconciles with readings
• Ensure all monetary shortages/overages are declared
• Ensure that an adequate supply of change is available
• Check cash by random checking
• Carry out lifts from tills to safe, as required, to minimise cash holding in the tills
• Authorise refunds/credit card purchases over the floor limit

• Assist in the recruitment of the employment of retail staff
• Train and support all members of the retail staff team
• Ensure that all staff training is appropriate, recorded and reported
• Motivate staff and highlight sales opportunities and techniques
• Ensure staff appearance meets the company’s requirements
• Undertake and maintain performance management of the retail staff
• Ensure that the retail operation is suitably staffed
• Take responsibility for creating and managing the retail staff rota
• Ensure that retail staff are aware of the latest company developments
• Monitoring staff hours and ensuring the hours recorded in the time and attendance system are accurate and updated in time for the processing of the monthly payroll.

• Maintain awareness of staff security
• Control the number of key holders
• Ensure that retail staff are aware on shoplifter procedures
• Develop the department Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures
• Observe all Health & Safety requirements. Ensure compliance with Health and Safety procedures, risk assessments and company policies
• Ensure that administrative tasks are completed accurately and on time
• Be aware of and comply with all CMSL’s Health and Safety policies

Application Deadline: Friday 20/05/2022