Seasonal Ranger

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £22,797 - £24,071 pro-rata, per annum

Location: Ben Lawers

Ben Lawers NNR is the most important mountain area in the UK for rare arctic-alpine plants, some of which occur in few other locations. It is also a popular recreational destination, with over 40,000 visitors a year heading for the summits. The programme of conservation management includes footpath work and pioneering habitat restoration.
We are looking for a Seasonal Ranger to be an enthusiastic and effective part of the ranger service, contributing to the smooth operation and conservation management of Ben Lawers NNR. You must have a good general knowledge of natural history and conservation, especially of upland flora & fauna, experience of practical countryside management, and good communication skills to join our close-knit team. You will carry out maintenance and repair of upland footpaths and other infrastructure such as fences, contribute to the delivery of habitat restoration and supervise volunteers assisting with these tasks, and engage with visitors.
The role is a physical one, requiring walking to worksites, some at high altitude, with appropriate tools. Work may be alongside other staff and volunteers but there will be a requirement for lone working.
The role will be ambassadorial, building awareness and support for the National Trust for Scotland leaving those you meet with a desire to respect, protect, and enjoy the special natural environment and an understanding of how they can help to contribute their support to the property.
Estate management
 Carry out practical tasks, including maintenance and repair of footpaths, fences, stiles and other infrastructure, vegetation clearance, habitat management such as tree planting, seed collecting and tree nursery work.
 Assist with property patrols, litter clearance and monitoring the use and condition of footpaths and infrastructure to prioritise the programme of maintenance.
Visitor Engagement
 Actively and positively engage with visitors while carrying out practical tasks to raise and improve public awareness of key issues including footpath erosion and landscape protection, habitat restoration, responsible access and promoting the Trust.
 Assist with delivery of the events programme by leading guided walks and educational events.
Other duties
 Assist with other areas of property work, such as biological monitoring, if/when necessary.
 Seek to minimise our environmental impact through sustainable working practices and sensitive use of power, equipment, transport, and other resources.
Working together
 Support a strong health & safety culture by complying with the property’s Safe System of Work to safeguard yourself and colleagues.
People Management
 Engage with visitors.
 Liaise with other property and other Trust staff and volunteers.
 Supervise volunteers assisting with delivery of practical estate management.
Finance Management
 Not a budget-holder but will be expected to take responsibility for effective management of Trust resources in allocated areas.
 Will be frequent user of tools, machinery, vehicles, and equipment subject to appropriate training.
The above outline the core skills and experience necessary to fulfil the role. In addition, the following is required:
Qualifications, skills and experience
 Qualification, or equivalent experience in a relevant discipline.
 Good general knowledge of natural history and conservation, especially related to the uplands.
 Hands-on experience of practical estate management.
 Competence in hillcraft to be self-reliant working safely on steep ground, at up to 1200m and in varying weather.
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with an ability to engage positively and productively with visitors, volunteers and colleagues.
 A current, valid driving licence.
 Experience of working with volunteers.
 Experience/certification for use of machinery/vehicles such as strimmer/brush cutter, power barrow and sit in ATV.
 Experience of lone working.
 Current First Aid certification.

Application Deadline: Friday 24/02/2023