Seasonal Tour Guide

Organisation: Museum of Lead Mining

Salary: Minimum wage

Location: Workbase: Museum of Lead Mining, Wanlockhead, D&G, ML12 6UT

Full job description and application form

Job Title: Tour Guide (Seasonal)

Hours of Work: Part-time. Hours and days of the week, including weekends and Bank Holidays, by negotiation to deliver the rota. Season scheduled to end at the end of September.

Wages: Minimum wage

Job Purpose:
The guides role is to accompany groups of all ages to visit our lead mine (accompanied children over age of 5 years), miners’ cottages and library to provide cultural and historical information about the museum’s collection to ensure a safe and enjoyable visitor experience. Script and training will be provided.

The purpose of this specific post is to guide and inform visitors of the unique history of Wanlockhead whilst ensuring an enjoyable visitor experience.

Application Deadline: Friday 17/02/2023