Visitor Assistant

Organisation: The Scotch Whisky Experience

Salary: £9.58

Location: Edinburgh

Proactively acknowledge every customer and deliver a warm, genuine welcome
Anticipate every customer’s needs so that no-one is disappointed
Connect each guest personally with Scotch whisky to make them feel valued
Uphold outstanding levels of service to overcome any problem or challenge
Ensure the customer experience you offer is never just fine, it is always excellent

What about you?
A confident, outgoing storyteller with a natural character
An engaging communicator overflowing with a warmth of spirit
An inquisitive, keen learner with a thirst for knowledge
A Scotch whisky ambassador bringing a blend of enthusiasm and devotion
A hardworking, flexible problem solver determined to raise the bar
A cheerful presenter always ready for a double measure of fun!

What will you be doing?
Proactively welcoming customers and proudly promoting our tours
Efficiently operating our box office till and offering advice to customers
Enthusiastically leading tours, ensuring everyone has a memorable experience
Assisting at our Scotch whisky bar and giving knowledgeable recommendations
General housekeeping to keep our bar, tour and shop looking their best!

Application Deadline: Friday 03/09/2021