Visitor Services Assistant - Collections Care

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £21,260 pro-rata, per annum

Location: House of The Binns

To assist in collection movement within the property to facilitate works on interior decoration and assist with solutions to mitigate pest, mould, dust and environmental damage to collections from Covid lock down. To undertake housekeeping to ensure standards of care are resumed. To assist with the collection’s temporary storage, security, protection, documentation, remedial cleaning, monitoring and IPM. To assist with procedures to put the house to bed and the relocation of collection to principal rooms.

To ensure the care of collections and interiors of The House of the Binns is undertaken to standards in line with current NTS best practice during remedial building works and collection movement/storage:
 To assist with the organisation and supervision of the movement of objects to free up areas for contractual work under the direction of line mangers and planned movement of collections.
 To assist in the assessment, packing/un-packing, moving and temporary storage of collections within the property principle rooms.
 To undertake conservation cleaning of the collection in accordance with NTS policies for collections care.
 To be systematic and methodical in record-keeping, documentation, and any other administrative needs of the job, to ensure that the collections conservation elements of the project are efficient and support NTS policies for collections care.
 To help identify those items at risk or requiring specialist attention/remedial conservation and bringing to the attention of the Conservation Advisor.
 To liaise, under the direction of the Collections Care Supervisor Forth Valley, with any contractors working onsite for the duration of the project to ensure the collections physical security and those working do not contravene Health and Safety legislation.
 To assist the NTS staff working on the project on topics worthy of interpretation, specialist talks and presentations as required whilst the property is closed to the public.
 To aid property staff and collections care staff in providing specialised public tours of the property.

Application Deadline: Friday 19/08/2022