Viking Living Village

Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust’s new Viking ‘living museum’ will open fully to the public in April 2024. It will be named Ótrgard and will be sited within an area of common land known as The Plock on the outskirts of Kyle of Lochalsh – overlooking Skye Bridge. Ótrgard will promote a better understanding of the history and heritage of Viking life and settlement in Lochalsh, on Skye and the Western Isles and along the west coast of Scotland. It will attract visitors to Kyle, creating rich and rewarding cultural experiences for the widest possible range of audiences. The attraction will comprise an assortment of traditional Viking structures and work areas, interpreted for the amusement and edification of visitors and special-interest groups. Ótrgard will operate in tandem with a new community hub building and visitor centre on The Plock, where there will be a range of interpretive exhibitions, special events and other seasonal programming, participatory activities and learning opportunities, together with retail and catering facilities.