Member Exclusive Offers

Below are a selection of offers exclusively available to ASVA members

Mystery Visitor Programme with BVA BDRC

ASVA members can take advantage of an exclusive offer to participate in BVA BRDC’s innovative Mystery Visitor Programme. Unlike other Mystery Visit programmes, individual assessments are benchmarked against the wider sector in the UK, so you can work out what ‘good’ really looks like! The programme enables attractions to understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify if these are common across the sector or whether they are unique to your own attraction. As ASVA helped to design the programme, our members can benefit from a substantial 20% discount to participate. For more information, please click here.

POSH Agency Digital Support

ASVA members can receive an exclusive 15% off your first 6 months in contract with the POSH Agency, who have been delivering bright, energetic and rewarding websites and digital strategies for hospitality and leisure businesses since 2008. To take advantage of this offer simply contact the agency and quote ‘ASVA Support

Rubber Cheese Benchmarking of Attractions Websites

The past two years have transformed how visitor attractions operate online forever. With the increased need for online bookings, additional revenue drivers, and a seamless on and offline experience, it’s more important than ever for attraction marketers to understand how their website is performing. But, knowing what good looks like is almost impossible until we uncouple attractions from the travel and tourism industry sector skewing the data. A new survey being conducted by ASVA member – Rubber Cheese – will do just that.  We’d urge you to complete the 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey, which is anonymous, as its findings will greatly benefit both your business and the sector as a whole. The survey just takes 15 minutes to complete and you will need access to your Google Analytics to do so. Everyone who takes part in the research will gain access to the 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey Report – and an invite to the launch event. Please do participate and complete this highly relevant sectoral survey here.