Visitor Services Manager

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £30,239 - £33,279 pro-rata, per annum

Location: Falkland Palace


You will be responsible for the operation of Falkland Palace. Delivering performance standards and targets to ensure enjoyment of the property by visitors and members is maximised and key commercial, financial and development objectives are achieved to make the property fully sustainable.

You will lead a management team responsible for delivering an overall visitor service strategy, care of the site, including retail, events and admissions and liaise with colleagues responsible for collections care, estates management and gardens. Promoting good communication across the site and a joined up service provision.

You will lead a team to support the overall experience at Falkland Palace – currently including visitor experience, events, admissions and retail.
 Staff and volunteers – (recruitment, induction, development, motivation, performance management) such that they are fully equipped and motivated to undertake their duties to the required Trust standards and that staffing budgets are adhered to.
 Instil a Health & Safety culture across the property, ensuring the team work within the property’s ‘Safe System of Work’ to reduce risk of incidents and accidents to volunteers, employees and visitors.
 Budgets – (setting, phasing, monitoring, reporting, pro-active and re-active adjustments together with the Operations Manager and wider management teams) to ensure that the finances are sustainable within the context of the wider property budgets.
 Create a culture of ‘exceptional service, every time’. Delivering high standards of delivery and a consistently warm welcome within the visitor experiences at all properties.
 Driving the visitor services experience to achieve its financial targets, maximising income and profitability, using the Trust’s procedures and instructions. You will strive to be efficient and ensure cost effectiveness in all the work you do.
 You will ensure high standards of presentation across the property, you may have delegated tasks within other departments and you will understand and help deliver your overall property business plan.
 Work closely with other VSMs and Head Gardeners in the Fife cluster to develop visitor strategies for all sites.
 Taking responsibility for opening and closing and security of buildings as well as emergency procedure implementation, duty management and providing relief cover as required.
 Designing and developing tours, events and visitor experiences that engage visitors through storytelling.
 Establishing visitor experiences which are relevant, socially inclusive engaging to all visitor groups.
 Ensuring that all formal and informal learning experiences are designed and developed in line with the curriculum for excellence and the target audience needs
 Managing the promotion and administration of visitor experience and events together with property VSS’s
 Ensuring that the longevity of the Trust’s buildings and fittings are maximised through appropriate maintenance and/or replacement regimes.

Application Deadline: Sunday 04/02/2024